Living room furniture

We should think about making a good impression on our guests from the moment we enter an apartment. Hallway furniture is the first thing. This is what our eyes see first. It should be very thoughtful. It must combine functionality and a sophisticated design fitting to the rest of an apartment. Here, we should also think and design furniture.
Living room furniture is another issue - furniture which is the pride of our house or apartment. Living room furniture is primarily furniture which presents our style and is functional. It should be designed in a way that every item has its place. At the same time, all our guests and we ourselves should feel there nice and pleasant.

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Individual designs and visualizations


We develop a design for each order on the basis of consultations and measurements carried out during a first visit to a customer. The valuation of a service is performed on its basis. At the moment, such a design and a visit of our agent with probes and stencils of accessories are FREE.

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Furniture on the basis of delivered designs


If you want us to produce furniture on the basis of a design which you already have, please send it by e-mail. We need of course a detailed deion to carry out a valuation.

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