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A bedroom is one of the places where we spend almost half of our lives. We start furnishing our bedroom with choosing a bed and positioning it in the room. The most popular method is to place it in the center of a room, in the middle, with the headboard touching the wall. The bedroom should be designed in such a way to create a sense of space which fosters relaxation and regeneration - thus be sure to avoid the accumulation of furniture, equipment and accessories. They should be functional enough to accommodate all the necessary things in a bedroom (clothes, books, magazines, CDs) - and at the same time not to take too much space. Before the execution of a bedroom design, it is recommended to consider its functionality - what kind of actions we would like to perform there and whether the distribution of equipment will allow us to do so. At this point, we plan space, which we will be very useful in the future to make full use of a room in such a way and for such purposes, which were intended.

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Individual designs and visualizations


We develop a design for each order on the basis of consultations and measurements carried out during a first visit to a customer. The valuation of a service is performed on its basis. At the moment, such a design and a visit of our agent with probes and stencils of accessories are FREE.

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Furniture on the basis of delivered designs


If you want us to produce furniture on the basis of a design which you already have, please send it by e-mail. We need of course a detailed deion to carry out a valuation.

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